Hi, I'm Joel.

I am a passionate, curious and enthusiastic developer
with a penchant for front-end development and interfaces.
I enjoy creating pixel perfect websites and apps.
I love front-end development, studying and composing.

Recent projects

iConnect Financial

iConnect financial is a website that showcases local brokers that find tailored loans to suit local clients.


Bingefest is a festival landing page for the Sydney Opera House. The festival features Shia LaBeouf, Dan Harmon and others.

The 5th

The 5th.co is a fashion lifestyle brand that sells watches, bags and glasses on the 5th of every month for 5 days.

Zero Player - Online

Zero Player - Mac OS App

This app is an audio interface that creates random melodies and chords from cellular automation patterns. A user can interact with the app via a monome (OSC device), computer keyboard or with just the mouse. It can be used online or via a download as an electron app